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Presidential Counselor for the System of Competitiveness and Innovation

​Jaime Bueno Miranda

jaime bueno miranda
Jaime Bueno Miranda

​Jaime Bueno Miranda was born in Pasto. He studied his primary and secondary education at San Bartolome College - La Merced, Bogotá.

He is an economist from the Javeriana University in Bogotá and he studied a Master's Degree in Economics from Syracuse University (New York), and Public Finance at Harvard University (ITP Law School). He also took courses in Burgenstock KPMG Management and Leadership in Montreux, Switzerland, and Negotiation at Harvard University.

His professional experience began in the Department of Economic Analysis of the Banking Association of Colombia. Mr. Bueno was deputy chief of the Economic Advisory Office of the Minister of Finance, where he later held the chair. Later he was appointed Director General of National Revenue, and, at completing his studies at Harvard University, his specialization was linked with the consulting firm Deloitte, of which he was president for several years.

He later became president of the consulting firm KPMG, a responsibility he held for 23 years. Over the past six years, he acted as external director of that organization and has led to Colombia ACI Global Initiative Advisory Board.

Mr. Bueno has also served in several organizations in the public and private sectors, such as the Private Competitiveness Council (CPC), the National Association of Colombia (ANDI), the Colombian Institute of Administration (INCOLDA), the North American Business Council, the Colombo-American Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota, the Forum of Presidents of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota and Coaches Investors Program of the same entity.

Mr. Bueno was professor of Macroeconomics and Public Finance at the Faculty of Economics of the Andes and Javeriana University in Bogotá, and Economics at the Faculty of Law at the Javeriana University. He also has been linked to Consult Andes Program of the Faculty of Management at the University of the Andes.

Similarly, Mr. Bueno was co-editor of the books: Tax Structure and Board of Directors Colombian of High Value: Practical Guide. And for several years wrote opinion columns in the newspaper El Tiempo.