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Administrative Department of the President of Republic

Our Entity

The Administrative Department of the Presidency of the Republic was created by Law 3a. of 1898 and restructured by Decree 3443 of 2010, Decree 3444 of 2010, Decree 3445 of 2010, Decree 4679 and Decree123 of 2011.

Law 55 of 1990 provides that the Administrative Department of the Presidency of the Republic has a special nature and law down its functions, object, principles of the organization for what it counts with a structure and nomenclature of its dependencies and jobs in accordance with the same.

It has special regimes in budgetary matters, fiscal, administrative, contractual, wage issues and social benefits to meet the purpose and functions assigned.


Corresponds to the Administrative Department of the Presidency of the Republic, to assist the President of the Republic in his capacity as head of Government, Head of State and Supreme Administrative Authority in the exercise of its constitutional and legal powers and provide administrative needs support for this purpose.


The Presidency of the Republic project itself as model institution and international referent in public Administration designed to the effective coordination of the Government Plan with aligned resources to the achievement of its priorities with high standards of quality and opportunity in the provision of services.

For this, it requires human talent with competence, service vocation efficient processes and modern, technological and appropriate tools.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Coordinate topics on infrastructure and competitiveness for the country’s development with governmental and private sector entities.
  2. Strengthen social programs and projects with a differential approach.
  3. Strengthen the institutional framework on security, human rights, peace, and post conflict matters at the national and regional level.
  4. Promote the development and follow-up of strategic topics, National Government commitments, and administrative efficiency and transparency.
  5. Provide comprehensive security, logistical support, coverage and information to the President of the Republic.
  6. Strengthen the institutional framework by means of best practices in the management of Administrative processes.


Functions of the President of the Republic

Article 188. Colombia Political Constitution

The President of the Republic is Head of the State, Head of the Government and supreme administrative authority.

The President of the Republic symbolizes the National Unity and when taking the oat in compliance with the Constitution and the law is obliged to guarantee the rights and freedoms of all Colombians.

Article 115. Political Constitution of Colombia.

The National Government is formed by the President, the Vice President of the republic the cabinet ministers and the head of the administrative departments.

The President of the Republic and the Minister or Head of the Department concerned in each particular case constitute the Government.

Any act of the President, except the appointment and removal of Ministers and Heads of the Administrative Departments and those issued in his capacity as Heads of State and supreme administrative authority will have any value and power until it is signed and announced by the Minister of the respective branch or the Head of the Administrative Department, who for the same action are responsible.

Provincial government, municipalities as well as superintendents, public establishment and industrial and commercial enterprises of the state are part of the Executive Branch.

Functions of the Presidency of the Republic

  • Organize, direct, coordinate and carry out directly if applicable the necessary activities required by the President of the Republic to the exercise of the constitutional powers to him to exercise in relation to congress and the administration of justice.
  • Organize, assist and coordinate the necessary activities requested by the President of the Republic for the exercise of the constitutional powers that conferred upon exercise as head of the state and supreme administrative authority and arrange what is necessary according to his instruction for the efficient and harmonious action of the Government representing him when it is demanded in the guidance and coordination of the public administration and of his close collaborators in the Government`s action.
  • To serve as Executive Secretary on the boards committees or other consulting bodies consultancy, coordination or support reporting directly to the President`s Office.
  • To spread the acts of the national government and coordinate a proper coverage and broadcasting to the governmental job.
  • Support the President of the Republic in diagnostics, research, analysis and other activities that contribute to the formation of criteria, concepts or formulations may desire to define.
  • Support the President of the Republic in the study of legality and appropriateness of different legal acts administrative and regulatory procedures which the president has a knowledge.
  • Provide logistical and administrative support demanded for the exercise of presidential powers and functions.