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Members of the U.S. Congress state their support for the peace process in Havana

Bogotá, August 6, 2015 (SIG).

Sixty five members of Congress of the United States stated their support for the peace process that is under way in Havana between the National Government and the FARC guerrillas.

They stated it in a letter recently addressed to the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, and the U.S. Government’s special envoy to the peace negotiations in Cuba, Bernard Aronson.

"We write to express our strong support for the on-going peace process in Colombia and for your efforts to provide timely support to the negotiations”, says the letter dated in Washington this August 3.

Likewise, after stating the concerns caused by the violent acts that took place between the months of May and July, the message adds: “we (…) welcome the recent announcement by the Government and the FARC to negotiate a bilateral ceasefire agreement”.

In that sense, the 65 U.S. Congress member believe that it will contribute “to create confidence in the ability of the negotiating parties to reach a final agreement in the coming months".

Furthermore, the legislators emphasized on the need to guarantee the rights of the victims of the Colombian armed conflict to justice, truth and reparation.

"In matters of transitional justice, we expressly urge that there be strong and verifiable mechanisms to ensure that victims are guaranteed the right to the truth, reparation and justice".

They also call out for a “commitment that such acts of violence will not be repeated in the future".

In their letter, the U.S. Congress members highlight the importance of reaching a final accord that “will not contribute to Colombia’s long and tragic history of impunity".

Likewise, they state that “ending impunity is fundamental to ensuring the guarantee of no repetition”.

Lastly, the Congress members tell Secretary Kerry and Special Envoy Aronson that they “can count on our continued support as the peace negotiations continue and, hopefully, conclude successfully in the coming months".