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‘Guerrillas show weakness and cowardice when they resort to terrorism’: President Santos

Paracas, Peru, July 2, 2015 (SIG). 

President Juan Manuel Santos stated this Thursday, during the opening ceremony of the X Summit of the Pacific Alliance in Paracas (Peru), that the guerrillas show cowardice when they resort to terrorist actions.

“Guerrillas show weakness and cowardice when they resort to terrorism, because it is very easy to commit terrorist actions. Nobody has to be brave to engage in terrorist attacks, but rather the opposite; they perpetrate them and hide”, the Head of State said.

He explained that Colombia has been fighting against terrorism for a long time, “and fortunately we have been quite successful in doing so”.

He reiterated that the Government will continue fighting against this scourge.
“And we will continue fighting terrorism, as we have been doing it to date; with the Constitution in one hand and the military offensive on the other one, as we have been doing, with very important results”, he said.

The President said that “terrorism believes they can break our will or subdue the Colombian people. The effect is totally the opposite. Terrorism fills us with courage, toughens us and fills us with the spirit to continue pursuing our goals”, he pointed out.

Support from the international community

Likewise, the Colombian Head of State acknowledge the importance of the international community’s support for the peace process and their condemning the guerrillas for their terrorist actions.

“And the support of the international community for what we are doing has been very important. The disapproving voices directed to the guerrillas for their recent actions are very important as well. And for that reason we thank you for your solidarity”, he said.

The Head of Stated thanked his peers from Mexico, Peru and Chile for their words in support of Colombia on account of the terrorist actions perpetrated in Bogotá.

“I want to thank you, President Bachelet, President Humala and President Peña, for your words of solidarity with the Colombian people, with the Colombian Government and with me, for the terrorist attacks that we suffered today and in the recent past”, the Head of State said.
Finally, President Santos stated he will return to the country this Thursday.

“Unfortunately, I have to return after this opening ceremony. These are the times when one must be with your people, accompanying them and doing all that is needed to protect the safety of the Colombian people”, he concluded.